Roof Maintenance - The Key to a Long Lasting Roof 


Reactive Roof Maintenance

Reactive roof maintenance involves a call out, provision of roof access if required and an assessment of the particular roofing issue(s).  Repairs can be carried out if it is possible to do so at this time.  Otherwise, an assessment shall be made and solutions put forward for appropriate repairs.

In many situations, it may be possible to carry out repairs immediately without the need for sourcing specific roofing materials.  This ensures prompt and cost-effective repairs for the customer.

Roof leaks can be caused by many kinds of defects such as defective fixings, frost damage, damaged gutter joints or sheet laps, capillaries or punctures in roofing membrane, condensation problems, inadequate flashings at vents, weather damage etc.   Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd have the experience to properly identify and solve these problems effectively.


Preventative Roof Maintenance

This involves a detailed inspection of a roof area, which means inspecting every square metre of the surface in order to assess the roof condition .  Our roof inspections specifically involve the following:

•Identifying existing roofing defects
•Identifying potentially defective areas which may require preventative roofing maintenance
•Carrying out repairs to roofing defects
•Cleaning of all gutters and installing leaf guards in outlets
•Post-survey report prepared with overall roofing assessment including images and recommendations

As roofing repairs or maintenance work and gutter cleaning is carried out during the inspection, this is an excellent and cost effective roof maintenance program, particularly in situations where there may be a number of known leaks or defects in the roof, as many of these issues can be identified and addressed while the roof inspection is ongoing.

A roof inspection is recommended where a client may be looking for a detailed assessment of the roof condition as well as having roofing defects repaired and gutters cleaned. 

Please contact us should you have an enquiry on our roof maintenance services

Roof Maintenance Contracts

Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd can operate a contract of reactive or preventative roof maintenance to clients who may have a requirement for roofing services such as leak repairs  and gutter cleaning etc. at many locations nationwide. 

The benefits to the client involve a prompt service being provided without having to source roofing contractors in different areas.  In situations where a roof maintenance contract is in place, a short e-mail to or a phone call will be enough for us to call out to your location, provide roof access and carry out the required work in a timely manner.

We are currently operating roof maintenance contracts for various companies with locations throughout Ireland.




Roofing Maintenance



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