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An Integral System for Finding Roof Leaks

In many situations, roof leaks can be very difficult to locate and therefore repair, especially in membrane roofs where water penetrating the exterior roofing membrane can trave quite a distance on the roof decking underneath before dropping to the building interior.  A visual inspection of such a roof may not be sufficient to accurately identify all leaks, as some leak sources in roofing membranes such as Trocal or Alkor PVC may not be visible to the eye, and even a pinhole can cause a substantial leak!

Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd can carry out electronic leak detection, which is often referred to as roof integrity testing or spark testing.   This system uses an electric current on a non-cunducting roof membrane, such as Trocal, Alkor or Felt roofs.  The current will earth when it passes over even the tiniest of defects in the roof membrane, and an audible signal will alert the operator to the presence of a leak source.

In almost all situations, defects identified using the system of electronic roof leak detection can be repaired on-the-spot, without the need for substantial remedial works.  

Please contact us to discuss this system for finding roof leaks.

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