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Alkor Single Ply PVC Roofing

Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd specialise in the installation, upgrade and repair of flat roofs & low-pitched roofs using Alkor PVC material as a single ply roofing membrane.  There are numerous advantages to using a PVC membrane including:


Felt Roofs

We also provide services for the installation, re-covering and repair of flat roofs using high spec bituminous membranes from  Pluvitec, which may be suitable where felt material is specified for a new project, or for re-covering of an existing  felt roof.

This roof system consists of a double layer of pluvitec bituminous membrane, which can be applied directly to flat roof decking, or onto an approved insulation board.  The main advantages of a double layer felt roof are attributable not alone to the high quality of the Pluvitec waterproofing system, but also the robust properties of the felt roofing material, leaving it highly resistant to mechanical damage of any kind.



There are many options to choose from even after deciding to use Alkor on your roof, including colour, guttering options, rainwater outlets, standing seam profiles & insulation options.  We are very happy to help assist with these decisions to ensure that the finished roof meets all aspects of our client's requirements.




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