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Company Information

This company was established in 2009 by Kevin Woods  bringing together a combination of over 35 years experience in industrial roofing installations, roofing contract management & safety management.  The overall aim of the company is to provide a nationwide industrial roofing & maintenance service that focuses on sensible and effective roofing solutions, giving maximum value for money to the customer

 Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd clients currently include:

Scope of Operations   

We are committed to providing an industrial roofing service that serves the whole of Ireland.  Our offices are located in Dublin & Sligo and we service our broad range of clients from these locations


We are actively providing roofng & maintenance services to the following counties,


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Quality, Safety & Environment

Irish Roofing & Maintenance Ltd are fully committed to operating business activities in compliance with up-to-date financial, building and safety regulations.  Consequently, we invest much of our company resources in training and consultancy, so that we can be sure that our roofing services meet high standards of quality and safety.  We look to continuously develop our roofing services and work systems, so that the highest acheivable standards of safety and quality are produced.      

We fully recognise that roofing activities generally fall into the "High Risk" category, but also believe that high risks are unnecessary.  We have developed a system of safety management in line with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Work at Height) Regulations 2006 that aims to strictly ensure that no person suffers an accident or ill-health as a result of our roofing work.

Our environmental policy takes into account the impact that our total scope of operations has on the environment and identifies the procedures to be followed during roofing projects, to ensure minimal environmental impact



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